Walter White heads to Las Vegas

Guest Blog courtesy of Laurence Tunnicliffe, from Panda Press

Say hello to Walter White (or Jamie Pagett as he’s known to us).

Jamie is a professional lookalike from Bramshall and he’s finding fame as far afield as Las Vegas thanks to his uncanny resemblance to the leading character from the hit American TV show. We’ve known Jamie for many years thanks to our work with him for his other job – owner of corporate entertainment venue and outdoor activity centre, Ashcroft Park.

So when Jamie came to us to ask for a set of business cards to advertise his lookalike work, we were happy to oblige. In fact, although he came into our printing and design studios in Stone at 9am, we had them designed and printed ready for collection at 2pm on the very same day.

His Panda Press printed business cards have travelled with him to appearances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas (where he tells us he met lookalikes including Robin Williams, Captain Jack Sparrow and Hugh Hefner) and Comic Con in Birmingham. Such is Jamie’s similarity to Walter White that he’s in huge demand for stag parties, birthdays, and meet-and-greets – as well as taking part in features for Take A Break magazine and Sunday Brunch on Channel 4.
Last week he even met Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays the chemistry teacher forced to turn to desperate measures to support his family.

Jamie explains a little more: “People kept telling me how much I looked like a character from the series Breaking Bad so I thought I’d better give it a try and watch it.

“It’s now 18 months since I started the lookalike work and I’m a huge fan of the show. I even went to visit the film set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Everyone was staring and commenting on how much I look like him – I took a tour with the tourists around the locations and I think they got a bit of a shock.”

Great work Jamie and we wish you all the best!

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